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Product economy is high

  Traditional tooling

  Special welding tooling is on a workpiece or a useful procedure, so you can see that some of the development of more than a few years a large number of manufacturers have little or no use of the fixture, repetitive manufacturing, site fees, custody fees has not been calculated. Especially the product specifications, a wide range of enterprises, the cost of their tooling is the cumulative cost.

  Flexible tooling


  With our 3D flexible tooling, the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and cost of dedicated tooling for each product change can barely be spent. Through the reuse of standard accessories, using design software, you can very easily make numerical simulation of the product assembly. Using the same set of flexible assembly, through the combination of the basic platform and general accessories, it can meet the positioning and clamping of different product structures, and the application is very flexible and simple, easy to manage and use.

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