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Equipment versatility

  Functional flexibility

  Compared with traditional welding tools, the tooling can only be used for one workpiece or one process, and the versatility of flexible welding tools is very strong. Flexible welding five working surface of table can be extended according to the needs of any size in the table, the 3D range can adjust the position at any convenient clamping; flexible combination of standard accessories with adjustable hole slot, the workpiece X, Y, Z coordinates is adjusted by the platform; and the platform, platform and accessories, accessories and attachments of these modular systems in installation, adjustment and clamping the workpiece in the perfect embodiment of its general flexible function.

  Because the function of whole set of equipment according to the product change, a fixture can produce several products or the needs of dozens of products, which greatly accelerated product development, trial process, save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. The assembly method is diverse, and the user can reach almost any special fixture with the same positioning and clamping function as long as the imagination is fully utilized. The utility model has the advantages of quick assembly and convenient assembly and disassembly, and the work table can be assembled and assembled according to the shape and the size of the workpiece. The user can according to different requirements need fast stitching tooling, like children playing with toys assembled; make work easier and fun! Design scale module size on the table, so that workers can not measure according to the workpiece size quickly take out the required tooling.