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The requirements for the accuracy of the cast iron platform are not as high as the inspection platform and the scribing platform

  Cast iron platform precision test platform and no crossed platform is so high, it is mainly used for assembling power machinery and equipment, ship machinery and commissioning work, the general assembly platform surface with T slot, can be used for fixing mechanical equipment, machinery parts, casual with square. The assembly platform can also be spliced and used for the assembly of relatively large mechanical equipment. When an assembly platform can not undertake the assembly work independently, the block assembly platform can be spliced and used.

  The assembly platform is usually made of a cast iron of higher strength, so the assembly platform is also called a cast-iron assembly platform or a cast-iron platform. Because the assembly platform for assembling power machinery equipment, so the assembly platform wear rate than cast iron and cast iron test platform crossed the platform much faster, so the assembly platform wear resistance in a certain extent determines its service life. In order to make the service life of assembly platform longer, it is necessary to process the assembly platform.

  The accuracy level of the assembly platform follows the requirements of the accuracy of the general cast iron platform, and is carried out according to the national standard metrological verification regulations, which are 0, 1, 2, 3 and four grades respectively. For specifications, there are general specifications for most cast iron platforms.