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Control of casting sand crushing process on cast iron platform

  Control of casting sand crushing process on cast iron platform

  The properties of the molding sand will directly affect the quality of the cast iron platform casting. Therefore, the molding sand should have good air permeability, wet strength, fluidity, plasticity and yielding.

  The green sand shall be made of natural stone sand with polygonal grains or round shapes of 55/1O0, 75/150 and 100/200, so as to obtain better surface strength and sand resistance. At the same clay content, bentonite clay ordinary wet tensile strength high. Adding proper amount of coal powder and sawdust to the wet clay sand can improve the sand resistance and prevent the sand and sand sticking from getting a smooth surface. The moisture content of molding sand is about 6%, so as to make it have good comprehensive properties.

  In strict accordance with the feeding order: old sand - new sand - clay - coal - water. The mixing time should be between 6 and 7min. After mixing, the mixture will be about 5h or so. After mixing thoroughly, it is sieved, loosened and reused, so as to make the sand sand loose, so as to improve the permeability and fluidity.