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Introduction of three sides lapping technology for cast iron platform

  Three sides lapping technology of cast iron platform

  Cast iron platform three optic research method refers to the three blocks of the same size scraping processing plate, colouring alternately drag research test, if the contact spot three mutual Institute shows that the good, that the flatness of the three pieces of cast iron platform have been guaranteed, this is a kind of contact patch test methods. The three sides lapping method is a traditional inspection method which has been used for many years to control the local flatness. The three sides lapping method is practical in guaranteeing the accuracy of the plate, because of the following reasons.

  1. the verification accuracy of the cast iron platform is the foundation of the geometric accuracy of the product, and the three sides lapping method is beneficial to guarantee and improve the accuracy of the cast iron platform.

  2. level or autocollimators direct verification cast iron platform flatness theory is correct, but there are many factors affecting the calibration accuracy of the error prone. The method of checking with finite points can not reflect the flatness error of the whole cast iron platform accurately. The three sides lapping method is more intuitive and more reliable.

  3. three mutual research method has been used for many years, although the operation cumbersome bulky, but the factory has been used for small flat paint and test the method research.