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When the cast iron plate starts to grind, it should be pushed and pulled with little strength

  Cast iron flat began to grind, should be small push and pull, in order to prevent the two plates of oil and sand extrusion. The movement of the upper plate is "8" word movement, try to smooth the oil between the plates, and feel the pull force of both hands should be the same. When comparing lubrication, the speed of the upper plate should be increased by about 4~5 seconds, and the distance should be more than half of the size of the plate. The swing will increase.

  As time goes on, the attraction between the two plates increases gradually and is even. If the attraction is not significantly increased, then in the process of pushing and pulling, let out on board under the pressure plate, out of afterburner parts, side afterburner, push and pull plate on the side, so repeated several times, you can squeeze some oil, to increase the appeal board. This method should not be used as far as possible. At the beginning of the grinding process, some oil can be squeezed out by this method. Later, with the increase of chip, the concentration of oil will increase and it will be difficult to squeeze out oil. If not, you need to stop grinding immediately, re oiling, grinding.

  In the process of grinding, it is also necessary to pay attention to the uniform wear on the lapping plate. Listen to the voice of sand grinding, whether with the mobile plate and a "metal sound rustling", cannot pause or voice; see between the surfaces of traces is uniform. Push and pull flat when always "8" word operation. When pulling a flat, watch that the hands do not have the power to lift the plate upward. Both hands must be uniform, the speed must be stable, take a few strokes to turn the plate 90 degrees.

  Cast iron plate in the rotating plate and "8" word movement, must link up, smooth over, try not to pause. The speed of the push and pull decreases as the attraction between the plates increases. When the plate movement, the sand itself to move and roll, it is cutting the flat side, while the plate embedded, while another sand extrusion, extrusion each other. The sand is firm until half or more of the sand is embedded in the plate.

  The firm is our repair for sand block. Most of the other sand is floating sand, not stable, oil wipe off, or not a few times will be loose and fall. When the pulling force reaches about 500N, the sand is embedded firmly so that the sand can be finished.