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Introduction of types of cast iron platform annealing

  Types of cast iron platform annealing: common cast iron platform annealing process: recrystallization cast iron platform annealing, to stress cast iron platform annealing, spheroidizing cast iron platform annealing, complete cast iron platform annealing, etc.. Cast iron platform annealing Objective: the main purpose is to reduce the hardness of metal materials, improve the plasticity, and cutting processing or machining pressure, reduce the residual stress and improve the uniformity of microstructure and composition, or after heat treatment to make organization, etc..

  1. complete cast iron platform annealing and isothermal cast iron platform annealing

  Complete annealing and crystallization of cast iron platform weighing platform annealing, commonly referred to as cast iron platform annealing, annealing the cast iron platform is mainly used for a variety of hypoeutectoid carbon and alloy steel components of casting, forging and hot rolling profiles, sometimes also used for welding structure. It is usually used as final heat treatment of some non heavy parts or as pre heat treatment of some workpieces.

  2. spheroidizing cast iron platform annealing

  Spheroidizing annealing cast iron platform mainly used in steel and alloy tool steel (steel eutectoid such as the manufacture of cutting tools, measuring tools, used by die). The main objective is to reduce hardness, improve machinability, and prepare for future quenching.

  3. annealing of stress cast iron platform

  To stress cast iron platform annealing, also known as low temperature cast iron platform annealing (or high temperature tempering), this kind of cast iron platform annealing is mainly used to eliminate castings, forgings, welding parts, hot rolled pieces, cold drawn parts and other residual stresses. If these stresses are not eliminated, they will cause deformation or cracks in the steel after a certain time or in subsequent cutting.