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Introduction of measures for heat treatment of measuring tools

  In the heat treatment of the measuring tools, the following heat treatment measures shall be adopted for the above reasons:

  (1) quenching and tempering treatment. The objective is to obtain tempered bainitic structures to reduce quench deformation and improve mechanical finish.

  (2) quenching and low temperature tempering. Measuring steel for hypereutectoid steel. Usually incomplete quenching and low temperature tempering is now under the premise of ensuring the hardness, reduce the quenching temperature and preheating, to reduce temperature and quenching heating and cooling process of stress. The quenching method of measuring tools is oil cooling (20~30 DEG C), and classification quenching and Austempering shall not be adopted. Only when special conditions are taken into account. Generally use low temperature tempering, tempering temperature of 150~160 degrees, tempering time should not be less than 4 ~ 5h.

  (3) cold treatment. High precision measuring tools must be subjected to cold treatment after quenching to reduce the residual austenite and thus to increase dimensional stability. The cold treatment temperature is usually 70 - -80 DEG C, and is carried out immediately after quenching and cooling to room temperature so as to avoid the aging of retained austenite.

  (4) aging treatment. In order to further improve the dimensional stability, after quenching and tempering, the 24~36 h aging treatment is carried out at 120~150 DEG C, which eliminates the residual internal stress and greatly increases the dimensional stability without reducing its hardness. In the heat treatment for measuring steel in addition to a normal heat treatment of hypereutectoid steel (not completely quenched ten low temperature tempering). Also need to have three additional heat treatment process. The quenching and tempering treatment, before the normal quenching treatment between the cold treatment and normal heat treatment after aging treatment.