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The marking platform shall be installed in a ventilated and dry environment

  The marking platform shall be installed in a ventilated, dry environment, away from heat sources, corrosive gases, and corrosive liquids. When the scribing platform is installed, each supporting point of the scribing platform is adjusted by a shim pad, and the platform is adjusted to the qualified precision by the professional technical personnel.

  Crossed platform in the lifting platform line in order to prevent the occurrence of deformation, to use the four elements of the same length of the wire rope and hook scribing platform four lifting holes, the crossed platform steady lifting in transport. The crossed platform supporting point, flat pad, ensure each supporting point of uniform stress, ensure the smooth crossed platform.

  Crossed platform when using tohandlegentlyand workpiece, not rough move workpiece in a crossed platform, so as to avoid plate working surface caused by bump and scratch damage. In order to prevent the overall deformation of the scribing platform, the workpiece shall be removed from the scribing platform after the use is finished, and the deformation of the scribing platform is prevented from being subjected to heavy pressure on the scribing platform for a long time. Crossed platform when not in time will face wash, then coated with a layer of anti rust oil and rust proof paper cover, outer packing with crossed platform will be crossed platform cover, to prevent damage to the line usually do not pay attention to the platform. The marking platform shall be periodically examined according to the national standard, and the verification cycle shall be 6-12 months depending on the specific conditions.