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How should the scribing platform be used?

  (1) when mounting the scribing platform, support the support of the scribing platform at the main support point. When supporting, the working surface of the scribing platform shall be adjusted to the horizontal plane. Before using the marking platform, professional staff members are required to inspect, debug and adjust the platform before use.

  (2) when laying out the platform, place the mechanical equipment parts and handle them gently, so as to prevent the mechanical equipment parts from colliding with the platform. If the collision between the surface of the dash platform and the mechanical parts occurs, the parts that have been impacted, recessed or raised shall be repaired before they continue to be used.

  (3) the platform shall keep the surface clean. After use, the surface of the platform shall be cleaned in time so as to avoid the iron filings, sand or other impurities left on the surface of the platform. These iron filings, impurities, etc. in humid air tend to react with the cast iron on the platform surface, resulting in rust and corrosion on the surface of the platform. Even in the humid air, these impurities are also easy to scratch the platform surface, resulting in the accuracy of the marking platform down, and therefore must be cleaned up in time.

  (4) the use of scribing platform shall keep the parts of the platform evenly used and avoid wear due to excessive use.

  (5) installation of machinery parts, do not install in line on the platform, but can not use the hammer, pliers and other tools on the platform line.

  (6) after the platform is used, it should be cleaned and not used for a long time. The antirust oil should be painted on the surface of the platform to prevent rust.

  (7) the platform should be careful and strictly prohibit rough work.

  (8) the platform should be placed in a dry and ventilated warehouse for safekeeping. It should not be placed in the cold and damp places, nor can there be water droplets on the surface of the platform.

  (9) the scribing platform can not be stacked and stored, so as to prevent the deformation of the scribing platform due to stacking extrusion.