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Deviation check instrument correct operation regulation, pay attention to three points

  Operating instructions for deflection tester:

  Deflection tester at the time of use must be placed in the cast iron plate, measured in deflection instrument keep the level of the state, the instrument is mainly used for measuring the radial runout error of shaft parts, the instrument with two top positioning shaft, rotating components measured, measuring the radial head direct measurement of parts in the measured parts the radial direction runout error.

  1. deflection tester is a sophisticated testing instrument, the operator must master the operating skills of the instrument, careful maintenance, and designated special use.

  2. deflection tester must always keep equipment in good condition, equipment installation should be balanced and reliable rail surface to be smooth, bump scars, two top concentricity tolerance should be a and B are less than 0.02MM in the range of L=400MM.

  3. workpiece inspection before the deflection instrument calibration accuracy with L=400MM test bar and dial indicator, to ensure that qualified, can be used.

  First, the workpiece detection should be handled with care, the rail surface is not allowed to place any tool or workpiece.

  Two, after the workpiece inspection is finished, the instrument should be maintained and maintained immediately. The guide rail and the top sheath shall be oiled and rustproof, and keep the surrounding environment clean and tidy.


  Three, a special person shall be appointed to check the accuracy of the deflection tester at the end of each month to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and that the actual measurement record is made.