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Standard Test Method for flatness of work surfaces of scribing plates

  The flatness of the streak plate working surface, with the dot test in 25mm square area, for a level 0 and level 1 face plate face plate, must be not less than 25 points, the streak plate 2 level should be not less than 20 points, the streak plate 3 level of not less than 12 points.

  When grinding the marking plate, any two blocks of the three plates are checked with each other, and there must be a certain number of spots in the 25mm square area. In this case, it is possible to guarantee that the scribing plate has a substantially flat surface. Note: according to the two block scraping streak plate test spots streak plate, only two surface streak plate can be tightly combined, but does not explain the streak plate flatness is qualified, because the two pieces of face plate surface each other after scraping into spherical. Straightness deviation is also available size and gauge inspection.

  When checking, the square ruler is placed above the surface of the crossed plate. The upper part is equipped with can read tolerance and universal dial gauge bracket on the working surface of the tested surface plates, and the dial indicator on the amount of head and contact angle ruler. When the bracket moves with a dial indicator, you can see the straightness deviation inspection crossed flat plane.

  The flatness of the flat plate used in the measurement is checked by the optical plane method of the light wave interference method.

  An angle plate is used to check the position of planes perpendicular to each other. The angle scribing plate is provided with two scraping and scribing flat surfaces mutually perpendicular to each other. The inspection work is done according to spot method. In the manufacturing method and application point of the streak plate and the streak plate have much in common, but in essence, is the angle measuring, the surface is wide square, only plays a minor role in the test of flatness.

  The scribing plate is a plane reference gauge used for workpiece detection or scribing. The marking plate is a kind of flat plate, and the installation is adjusted to the horizontal plate, and the load is evenly distributed on each fulcrum. Ambient temperature (20 + 5) C. Vibration should be avoided when using.

  The marking plate is made according to T7974-1999 standard. The products are made of ribs, plates and boxes. The crossed panel / scribing platform has rectangular, square or round surfaces, material HT200-300, QT400-600, ZG15-45. The flat panel work face is scraped and scraped, and the work surface can be made of V, T, U, dovetail, round holes, long holes and so on.