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The use of measuring tools is divided into three broad categories

  The use of measuring tools is divided into three broad categories:

  The first category is standard gauge. Standard gauges are gauges for measuring or calibrating standards. For example liangkuai, prism, surface roughness comparison specimens etc..

  The second category is universal measuring tools, or universal measuring tools. Generally refers to manufacturers made by measuring tools unified manufacture of universal measuring tools. Such as ruler, cast iron plate, angle block, caliper, etc..

  The third category is special measuring tools, or non-standard gauges. As the name suggests, refers to non-standard measuring tools, is designed to detect a certain technical parameters of the workpiece and design and manufacture of measuring tools. Such as inside and outside groove caliper, wire rope caliper, step gauge, etc..

  A measuring instrument is a measuring instrument that returns values in a fixed form. Its features are as follows:

  A. Itself directly resembles the unit value, namely the actual size of the nominal value is the value of measuring units, such as liangkuai itself resembles the length of the unit.

  Two. In structure, there is no measurement mechanism, no indicator or moving element. As a kind of liangkuai just retrieval unit value.

  Three. Because there is no measurement institution, it is impossible to measure the measured value directly without relying on other measuring instruments. For example liangkuai to with interferometer, optical meter. Therefore, it is a passive measuring instrument.