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The granite inspection platform belongs to the rock gauge in the measuring tool

  Granite inspection platform belongs to measuring the granite measuring or rock measuring, also belong to the flat platform gauge differences between North and south area of our country makes the granite platform in China's Yangtze River, Southern China and other southern regions known as the granite platform, and granite slab in China's northern most areas so called granite platform and granite slab is the same, just as regional difference.

  The granite platform adopts the high quality of the "Ji'nan green" granite as the base material, through strict machining and manual grinding produced, its high precision, long life, and acid corrosion, no rust, but not like that in the cast iron platform when handling the deformation, so the granite platform in many ways are superior to the cast iron platform. The granite platform is made according to the national GB4987-85 standard, and the grade of accuracy is between 000 and 1.