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The large inspection platform produced by general manufacturers is six supporting points

  The large inspection platform produced by general manufacturers is supported by six points. The test platform and supporting stiffness is not enough, it is difficult to get the geometric stability, production, test, test platform in use because the deformation of support or other reasons, will make the inspection platform supporting position may be changed. This is because the main supporting points of the inspection platform may be 1, 4, 3, and may be 1, 4, 6 or 3, 4, 6 or 1, 3, 6.

  All these supports make the inspection platform in an indeterminate deformation state, which inevitably results in the change of the flatness of the inspection platform, and it is difficult to keep the stability of the inspection platform accuracy. Manufacturers such as 1, 4, 3 as the main supporting points, then 6 points will droop (elastic deformation caused by the uneven force), under the condition of blowing out of the system test platform to users, there may be 1, 4, 6 of the main supporting points, 6 points than other each point is high, not up to test the accuracy of the platform at the factory.

  If the 2 and 5 are also the main bearing points, the inspection platform will increase the chance of indefinite deformation. It is difficult to guarantee the consistency of the accuracy of the work surface in the production, verification and use of the inspection platform. Cast iron test platform in use and processing, should set the main support and auxiliary support, what is the main pivot, auxiliary fulcrum of the main pivot refers to the cast iron test platform in the processing, verification and use and installation or special support contact when used as the main supporting part.

  The supporting system at this time is a stationary state. Auxiliary pivot means that the platform is in use, in order to prevent the deviation of the center of gravity, or the excessive load caused by the deformation of the additional fulcrum. The supporting force on the supporting pivot should be less than the supporting force on the main pivot. The setting of the main fulcrum and auxiliary pivot of the cast iron inspection platform is an important factor affecting the accuracy of the inspection platform.