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What are the cleaning way Maohan flat

  Riveting platform to experience the blank in the production process, machine inspection and inspection of finished goods three. Riveting platform: the main inspection inspection of blank welding platform inspection of blank appearance specifications can meet the technical requirements, and there is no blank internal defects; welding platform is the main inspection inspection of blank cast iron platform to have the sand holes, porosity, cracks, sand, shrinkage and machining error; welding platform is mainly to test whether the plane blank test and the appearance can meet the using requirements and specifications.

  Riveting platform of casting, casting sand to comprehensive treatment. The sand cleaning methods include manual sand cleaning and shot blasting cleaning. Blasting sand, high cost, welding platform surface cleaning is very clean. The cost of sand cleaning is low and some of the local treatments are not very clean. The following two ways: do you know the sand cleaning welding platform best shot blasting is best temperature close to ambient temperature, but each casting cooling time plant is not the same, so the temperature difference of welding platform of casting shot into the room is very large.

  The shot blasting machine in the design, consideration should be given to the user the highest possible production temperature, assuming the customer need for such extreme high temperature casting cleaning, shot blasting machine design must comply with the requirements of this, so in order to reduce the day after maintenance, downtime and other operations including security risks and other issues.

  These high temperature operation will put forward special requirements on equipment maintenance, hot parts, heat machine coupled with the heat of the abrasive, for equipment maintenance and safety operation is a challenge. In such situations, the lubrication of the bearing belt wearing parts design, material composition, ventilation and control systems often need to be replaced. Chains and other non combustible materials replace rubber seals, curtains, and tracks. Therefore, the high temperature casting will affect the selection of shot blasting equipment, suitable equipment can meet the high efficiency cleaning, safety production and reduce maintenance requirements.