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Riveting platform is a branch of cast iron plate

  Riveting platform is a branch of cast iron plate, the main is to provide a reference plane for assembling the workpiece, the surface will generally open platform there are different forms of groove to fix the workpiece to facilitate assembly.

  1. cast iron plate welding platform specifications: 500*500-3000*6000, (the specific specifications can be customized drawings). The assembly plate welding platform face with shaving artificial scraping process, cast iron platform precision: cast iron platform according to the implementation of the national standard verification procedures, respectively 1, 2 level of welding platform Maohan platform, 3 grade T type groove welding platform;

  2. assembly plate welding platform casting body with double upper, single enclosure and box type. The working surface is divided into rectangular, square or round, the working surface can be to meet the needs of different work inspection platform crossed platform Maohan flat welding platform assembly plate riveter plate platform bench platform used in production process V shape, T shape, U shape groove and hole, long hole etc..

  3. assembly plate welding platform is made of high strength cast iron HT200-250, working surface degree of hardness is HB170-240, after two times of treatment (artificial annealing 600 degrees -700 degrees of artificial and natural aging 2-3 years) to cast iron platform, to heat treatment of cast iron plate is to reduce the stress in the casting, eliminate white cast iron plate organization. To improve the hardness and wear resistance of the surface of the cast iron platform, cast iron platform, stable precision cast iron plate, good abrasion resistance, back casting can also be processed very well.

  4. assembly plate welding platform in industrial production and divided into: assembly plate, welding platform, welding platform, T groove welding platform, assembly base plate, welding platform, welding plate.

  5. plate assembly welding platform particularly suitable for use in machinery, for the power of the engine experiment, equipment debugging, has good plane stability and toughness, with a T groove surface, can be used for fixing experimental equipment; at the same time, the assembly work is suitable for various kinds of products, assembly plate welding platform is also used in machine mechanical inspection measurement datum, cast iron platform for inspection of parts size precision or the behavior deviation, and precision assembly, the basic tool of cast iron platform in machinery manufacturing is also indispensable.