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The ground platform usually consists of two different ways

  The platform will generally consist of two ways, one is the mosaic of large cast iron platform, the other is a lot of random mosaic, mosaic platform is much higher than the standard cost, the demand is not very high. Manufacturers can choose stitching.

  Ground gauge is a tool laid on the ground, usually with the following laying requirements:

  The buried depth of the 1. rail shall be equal to or slightly higher than that of the ground decorative layer of 3-5mm.

  After the installation of the 2. rail, the length of 1m shall be within the length of any 2mm, the horizontal deviation is not greater than 1mm, the length is not greater than 2mm, the horizontal deviation of the corresponding points of the track is not greater than 1mm, and the deviation of parallelism between each two tracks is less than two.

  3. track fixed method, in the track on both sides of the inside, according to the required spacing (about 500-700mm) with M8 iron expansion nails or nails fixed firmly. The bottom of the track must be closely attached to the ground, and no span gap shall be allowed to prevent bending deformation after the load on the rail track. The buried depth of ground rail shall be equal to or slightly higher than that of ground decoration layer 3-5mm.