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Introduction of sand cleaning method for scribing platform castings

  After casting the blank on the cross platform, a thorough sand cleaning shall be carried out on the platform plate. The sand cleaning of platform plate has sand cleaning and shot blasting cleaning. The marking platform casting is artificially clean and the cost is low and some parts are not very clean. The shot blasting sand cleaning is the opposite, the cost is high, the platform surface cleaning is very clean.

  The ideal temperature for blast cleaning is better than the ambient temperature, but the cooling time of each casting plant is different. Therefore, the temperature difference of the platform casting into the shot blasting chamber is also great. The shot blasting machine in the design, consideration should be given to the user the highest possible production temperature, assuming the customer need for such extreme high temperature casting cleaning, shot blasting machine design must comply with the requirements of this, so in order to reduce the day after maintenance, downtime and other operations including security risks and other issues.

  The shot blasting machine in general casting factory can handle the platform casting with a surface temperature of about 100 degrees C. At this temperature, it is not suitable to use rubber track conveyor type shot blasting machine, but choose steel crawler or manganese steel track conveyor type shot blasting machine. At high temperatures, such as up to 175 degrees C, it must be accompanied by a special high temperature resistant seal, curtain and hoist track.