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Introduction to the machining process of cast iron platform

  The cast iron platform will be punched when drilling, and the standard twist drill is usually used. The number of drill bits will be dull after use, and the standard grinding method of the twist drill is:

  During grinding, the working part of the right hand holding the drill, the index finger as far as possible near the cutting part as a fulcrum drill swing, and grasp the drill around the axis of rotation and the fake line pressure on the wheel. The main cutting edge is placed in a horizontal plane with the central plane of the grinding wheel, and the angle between the axis of the drill bit and the cylindrical surface of the grinding wheel in the horizontal plane is 60 degrees, and the left hand grasps the drill handle and swings up and down. The purpose is to make the whole bit turning back can grind to swing up and down, grinding out a different angle, the hands action must be stable, consistent, while rotating swing up and down, after grinding a main cutting edge, flip 180 degrees grinding another main cutting edge.

  Rough grinding, the general back of the lower part of the first contact with the grinding wheel, left hand on the edge of the grinding, grinding, the general cutting edge first contact the grinding wheel, left hand bottom grinding, and grinding sales volume is small, sharpening time is short. In the process of grinding, it is necessary to check the accuracy and symmetry of the angle at any time, and at the same time, the drill must be immersed in water to prevent annealing.